OS X Yosemite report: Comfort and delight

“Mac sales of some 4.4 million units hit a record in the last quarter,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So Yosemite will arrive at a time when the Mac is doing extremely well, better than at any time in the history of the platform. So this justifies spending lots of money to improve the user experience, which takes us to Yosemite.”


“I’ve been running the developer previews since very shortly after the June 2 release,” Steinberg writes. “Although there are still loads of bugs and incomplete features as of developer preview 4, the one that is reportedly being made available as the first public beta, Yosemite has become snappier… Forgetting the glitches and a few interface changes that I don’t like — such as killing the full title bars for sites in Safari except for the tabs — I never for a moment felt I wasn’t using a Mac. Understand that I have worked on Macs since the 1980s. So I have lived through every single release — sometimes as a beta tester. I have written books and articles covering many of those releases, so I think I have a fair understanding of the changes over the years.”

Steinberg writes, “So I feel safe in assuring you that, despite the flatter interface elements and the new typefaces, you can continue to use your Mac in much the same way as you do now without regret.”

Much more in the full article here.

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