Month: August 2021


How to download a song and use it as a ringtone

A few years ago, downloading a song to use it as a ringtone was the most normal and common thing in the world. But nowadays, downloading a song and making it a ringtone is something strange that hardly anyone knows how to do.

The arrival of music streaming services has made us stop downloading songs on our phones. Now, instead of downloading them and filling up precious space on our devices, we install streaming apps and listen to everything we want from it. Storing songs on your mobile seems crazy to us today (but surely you remember the time when you spent your afternoons downloading songs and bluetoothing them to your friends).

Although the way of accessing and playing music has changed to streaming platforms, there are certain occasions when we need to have a certain song stored on our devices. For example, when we want to use a song as a ringtone. It’s been so long since we downloaded songs that you won’t know how to do it anymore.

In this post, we are going to tell you how you can download a song to use as a ringtone. Pay attention!

How to create my own ringtones? Use Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is an App that will allow you to create your own ringtones or notifications. In this way, instead of downloading a song to use as a ringtone, you can create your own exclusive one. Surely that way you do not coincide with anyone!

This App allows you to select fragments of your favorite songs to use as a ringtone or as a tone for your notifications. Thus, you can always listen to your favorite piece when someone calls us or sends a WhatsApp. In addition, it offers many other features to personalize your ringtone:

  • You can copy, cut, and paste songs.
  • Add fade / fade effects.
  • Adjust the volume of your ringtone.
  • Record your own audio clip and edit it later.
  • Assign a specific tone for each contact that you are interested in differentiating from the others.
  • You can download Ringtone Maker for Android or Make Free Ringtones on iPhone.
  • You can even convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone

How to personalize my ringtones? Use the ZEDGE app

ZEDGE is another app that lets you personalize your phone ringtones. Also, it doesn’t only work with audio. You can add personalized wallpapers, access unique icons, and, of course, configure your own ringtone the way you want.

The app has a search engine where you can find the song you want to use as a ringtone. Once you have the song you want to use, you can adjust the fragment of the song that you want to set as your phone’s ringtone. You won’t have to waste time editing, cutting, and pasting the song, ZEDGE will do it for you! Plus, the features of ZEDGE include:

  • You can preview and download personalized ringtones, sounds and alarms for your mobile.
  • Choose a different ringtone for each person you want.
  • Store your favorite tones and sounds in My ZEDGE so you can access them whenever you want. You can even share it with your friends, family, or whoever you want.
  • You can download ZEDGE Ringtones and Wallpapers for Android or ZEDGE Ringtones for iOS.

Play and download music with Panda Music Player

Finally, we are going to tell you about another App, this time only for Android, in which you can both listen to your favorite music and download a song as a ringtone. It’s about Panda Music Player and you can download it for free from Google Play.

As we have said, it is a music player that also incorporates the possibility of downloading songs to set them as a ringtone, assign it to a specific contact or even use it as a sound for your notifications.

So sit back and enjoy this great app!